Welcome to our informative blog post about spring mechanisms! In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know about these invisible heroes. Spring mechanisms are of great importance in many areas of daily life and are often underestimated. At the same time, they are indispensable for numerous applications and functions.

What are spring mechanisms?

Spring mechanisms are technical components that can generate a restoring force due to their elastic properties. This force makes it possible to compensate, compensate or support forces or movements. Spring mechanisms come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are used in many industries.

Types of spring mechanisms

There are different types of spring mechanisms that are used depending on the area of application. A widely used type is the coil spring, which generates a restoring force due to its spiral shape. Coil springs are used in vehicles, machines and household appliances.

Another type is leaf springs, which consist of several metal strips on top of each other. This type of spring mechanism is often used in vehicles to perform shock absorption and suspension functions.

In addition, there are torsion springs that deform during rotational movements and generate a restoring force. This type of spring mechanism can be found, for example, in door locking mechanisms or in watches.

Areas of application of spring mechanisms

Spring mechanisms are used in many areas to perform different functions. In the automotive industry, for example, they are used to suspend the vehicle or to absorb vibrations. In the electronics industry, spring contacts are used to create a stable electrical connection.

Spring mechanisms are also used in the furniture industry, for example in upholstered furniture to enable a comfortable sitting position. Furthermore, spring mechanisms are used in medical devices, toys and many other products.


Spring mechanisms are invisible heroes of technical progress. They are indispensable in many areas and perform important functions. The different types of spring mechanisms offer a wide range of possibilities for different applications. If you would like to learn more about spring mechanisms or have specific questions, our experts will be happy to help.

Thank you for reading our blog post about spring mechanisms. We hope that you now have a better understanding of the importance of these invisible heroes!

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