Everything You Need to Know About Wave Springs

Wave springs represent an innovative solution for various applications where space and efficiency are crucial. In this article, we’ll shed light on everything you need to know about wave springs. From their definition and functionality to their advantages and examples of applications – discover why wave springs can be an excellent choice for your designs.

What Are Wave Springs?

Wave springs are resilient components made from flat material. Unlike conventional wire springs, wave springs are characterized by their low height and high spring force. The innovative design of wave springs allows for space-saving while ensuring reliable suspension.

Functionality of Wave Springs

The functionality of wave springs is based on the wound structure of the flat material. This structure evenly distributes forces across the entire spring, resulting in high load-bearing capacity. Wave springs can absorb both axial and radial forces, offering precise and predictable suspension.

Advantages of Wave Springs

Wave springs offer a plethora of advantages, making them an attractive choice for designers. Here are some of the key advantages of wave springs:

  • Space-Saving
  • Thanks to their innovative design, wave springs significantly reduce the spring height compared to traditional wire springs. This is particularly beneficial in applications with limited space where space is a precious commodity.
  • High Spring Force
  • Despite their low height, wave springs offer high spring force. This allows for effective suspension, ensuring the desired load is precise and predictable.
  • Versatile Applications
  • Wave springs find application in various industries and areas. From aerospace to automotive and medical technology, the applications are diverse.
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Due to their flat material design, wave springs are lighter than traditional wire springs. This not only saves material costs but also facilitates the assembly and handling of components.

Examples of Wave Spring Applications

Wave springs are used in numerous applications. Here are a few examples of how wave springs can be used in practice:

  • Water Valve
  • An example application for wave springs is a water valve. Using a wave spring prevents unwanted rotation of the valve handle. The wave spring ensures the valve position is maintained by exerting a constant load and engaging with the threads of the main shaft.
  • Electronics
  • In the electronics industry, wave springs are frequently used for contact security in connectors. Thanks to their compact design and high spring force, they provide reliable connections and ensure stable electrical contact.
  • Automotive Industry
  • In the automotive industry, wave springs are employed in various applications such as clutches, shock absorbers, and brakes. They offer precise and reliable suspension, crucial in a vehicle.

Customization of Wave Springs

If you have specific requirements, many manufacturers offer the option to tailor wave springs to your individual specifications. From material selection to surface treatment – you can be assured that the wave springs are precisely tailored to your needs.

Customized Development of Wave Springs

Wave springs are an innovative solution for designs where space and efficiency matter. Thanks to their unique design, they offer space-saving, high spring force, and versatile application possibilities. If you are seeking an effective and reliable suspension solution, consider using wave springs.

We develop wave springs in close coordination with you, specifically for the required application area. If needed, we are happy to support you from dimensioning to post-calculation to manufacturing. With our specialized expertise, we can jointly find the suitable solution for you.

We manufacture both single-turn and multi-turn versions with wavy and straight surfaces.

All technical springs are manufactured upon request, even in smaller batch sizes. Special packaging is offered for all products. With our in-house tooling and as your development partner, we also provide individual development work for you.

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