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What are springs and what are they used for?

Springs are elastic components that are used in many different industries and applications. They are mainly used to store and release mechanical energy. This allows them to provide cushioning, stability or movement, for example.

The different spring types

Compression springs

Compression springs are among the most widely used spring types. They are often used in machines, vehicles and industrial plants to absorb forces and enable movement. These springs are compressed when a force is exerted on them and release the stored energy again when the force is released.

Compression springs

Compression springs are similar to compression springs, but are manufactured and used differently. They are made of wire, which is usually round or rectangular and bent into a spiral. Compression springs are used to generate a restoring force in a specific direction and are used in various areas such as switches, electrical devices and clocks.

Torsion springs

Torsion springs are special types of springs that enable rotary movements. They are often used in mechanical devices such as door closers, flaps or spring systems. Torsion springs work by twisting around their longitudinal axis when a torque is applied to them. These springs play an important role in many applications where a controlled rotary movement is required.


That was a brief overview of the different spring types and their areas of application. Compression springs, compression springs and torsion springs are just a few examples of the many ways in which springs can be used. Depending on the requirements and area of application, there are many other spring types that can be specially adapted.

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