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Quality and the Environment

Our Corporate Policy

Our corporate policy encompasses the four areas of quality, environment, occupational safety and health protection along with energy. See the download section below for detailed information on each of these areas.


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Prioritise mistake prevention over correction
  • Continuous improvement
  • Zero-error strategy
  • Economic efficiency through performance and partnerships


  • Legal conformity and security
  • Prevent/minimise pollution
  • Continuous improvement and resource conservation
  • Employee involvement and environmental awareness
  • Prevention and emergency planning

Occupational Safety and Health Protection

  • Ensure personal safety, prevent property and environmental damage
  • Selection and use of equipment and assets
  • Prevention through risk assessments and measures
  • Company medical service examinations
  • Effective workplace design


  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Measure performance
  • Consider energy aspects
  • Comply with legal regulations
  • Promote awareness of our responsibility to conserve energy at all levels of the company